• About this site. Gives some insight into what I use to build this site and what my philosophies about it, and websites in general, are.
  • APC UPS CS-650 review. A review of the APC UPS CS-650 (almost identical to CS-350 and CS-500).
  • Backing up a Unix(-like) system. Describes in detail what you need to know and watch out for when backing up a Unix(-like) system, like Linux.
  • Migrations in MySQL. Database version/migration management can be a pain, especially when it doesn't support transactional DDL statements. This article describes a simple but good way to have reliable migrations on MySQL, which is one such database.
  • PostgreSQL migrations in Rails. Ever felt like Ruby on Rails' built-in migration system interferes with your PostgreSQL database?
  • SQL joins are easy. A short article explaining that SQL joins are actually very simple.
  • Surround sound in Linux. Shows what's needed to get surround sound working properly for games and movies on Linux.
  • Why power failures are bad for your data. Explains what happens to your computer when there is a power failure, and what possible effect it has on data integrity.