D.I.Y. Audio

It's early 2005, I'm attending a class about statistical analyis, which has me very bored. It was at that time that I saw the light: I was gonna pick up my electronics hobby and build my own hifi audio equipment, starting with a four channel power amplifier. So, I searched the web, and I came accross Rod Elliott's Audio Pages, a very extensive resource about the electronics of audio, with a lot of scientific views on a lot of audiophile nonsense. I chose to build the P3a, a very populair design, which suited my needs perfectly. Rod Elliott offers PCBs for most of his projects, but I decided to design my own PCBs, knowing I could run into problems. The reason for doing so, was to learn more. When designing a PCB for a circuit, you begin to understand it better, especially when you run into problems, like oscillation or noise.

By now, the list of home made or altered equipment for my sound system has expanded to: bi-amped Acoustic Energy AE120 speakers, a four channel power amplifier, a four channel Linkwitz-Riley crossover (with 7.1 channel inputs), an ELF subwoofer and rear speakers (although they don't deserve much attention). Here are some articles about them: