Contact information

Should you feel the need to contact me about anything on my website (typo's, disagreements, suggestions...), or in general, you can send me an e-mail.

Beware that when you use an SPF enabled domain for your from-address, you must use an SMTP server which has been approved by the provider of your e-mail address. Usually, SPF enabled e-mail providers also provide an SMTP server for you to use. Should you use a different one, for example the one provided by your ISP when not using the ISP's provided e-mail address, the mail will be returned with an SPF error.

Additionally, the mailserver I use adheres to the SMTP specification quite strictly. It happens frequently that people can't send me mail because of an error in the configuration of their ISP's SMTP server. The most common error is "Can't find your hostname". This happens when a DNS lookup and a subsequent reverse DNS lookup don't match. Complain to your ISP or use a different server in that case...